History and field of activity

Through the ad number 712575/41 dated 29/09/1389, Negin Kish International Onshore and Offshore Development Company contained in the Official Gazette No. 19182 dated 16/10/1389, in the form of a special joint stock company under number 8654 at the office of the Registration of Companies and Industrial Property Ownership Area Kish Island is registered.

Currently, the company is considered as the transport holding company of Ghadir Investment Company (Public Joint Stock Company) and its main site is located in Tehran.

Shipping, maritime services, maritime port and rail transport are considered as the main axes of the current activities of Ghadir Transportation Transportation.

At the outset, the goal of holding organization was the supply chain management and logistics of other Ghadir Investment Company’s subsidiaries. But according to the plans and orientations, the activities of this holding will not be limited to the transportation of intra-group products, and intends to take a larger share of the country’s transportation market.

The subsidiaries of this holding, at the time of the outrageous sanctions against the country, have taken a major step in protecting the interests of other holdings of the Ghadir Investment Company by virtue of their credibility, capabilities, international connections, and play a constructive role in this regard.

This holding is determined to play a leading and effective role as the leading company in the field of transportation industry of the country, enjoying international credibility and the position of the large multidisciplinary holding of Ghadir.

Activity topic:

The main activity of the company in accordance with Article 2 of the Articles of Association is:

  • All activities of technical and engineering services, contracting, implementation, consulting , management of industrial and manufacturing projects, especially in the maritime, oil , gas and energy sectors, ports and maritime, maritime transportation, air , rail and single transport, and Or jointly.
  • Importing and exporting, buying and selling, non-pyramidal and non-network marketing, supplying and equipping of all needed and used items in the offshore, oil and gas and transportation industries.
  • Obtaining loans and facilities from banks , financial – credit institutions both inside and outside the country.
  • All port and sea services, Dredging, Towing, Navy lights, Search and rescue, Ships guidance, Hydrography, Loading and unloading, Container terminal services.
  • Obtaining representation from domestic and foreign companies, including shipping lines.
  • Participate in all tenders , auctions , any activity that is directly or indirectly related to the subject of the company.