Daryaban Jonoub Iran Kish Company is a shipping company providing maritime services to Iranian exporters for the last two decades. This company is active mostly in transportation of oil and petroleum, liquid chemicals and petrochemical products by its owned and chartered tankers.

Considering the importance of maritime transportation in the global economy and Iran’s growing need for export and transportation of chemical and petrochemical products by reliable Iranian tanker fleet which is part of Iran’s maritime economic development policies, Daryaban Jonoub Iran Kish has taken bold steps to create and develop a modern fleet of tankers. The first step was to provide services to petrochemical companies belonging to Ghadir Investment Company with the further aim of providing marine and shipping services to all Iranian producers.

Presently, Daryaban Jonoub Iran Kish Company transports consignments to many countries around the world, including China, India, Turkey, and Mediterranean ports and Europe by its available tankers and thus plays a significant role in the development of Iran’s economy.

Through constructive collaboration with Iran’s largest and most reliable petrochemical companies and refineries and cooperation with major international shipping companies Daryaban Jonoub Iran Kish Company can be considered as one of the most reliable shipping and maritime transportation companies in Iran.

This company is also active in chartering, brokering and marketing activities, as well as ship’s commercial operation, technical management and manning. Daryaban Jonoub Iran Kish Company also provides consultancy service in all maritime fields including sale and purchase, chartering, commercial and technical operations.

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